Friday, March 30, 2012

We are back after a while of not posting anything! That gives us a good reason to post lots of new things though :) So we're going to be posting on here until our new website is goin (the vibe town records website) HERES LOTS OF BRAND NEW TUNES, Enjoy!! Dont forget to follow Vibe Town on facebook to stay updated with all of our updated!

For all you dub heads, this is A3. He's part of the vibe town fam so support this dude!! Doin OG badman tingz with his fresh new tune ring modulation CHECK IT!

This one is actually by me, its my newest work in progress. Really chill reggae dub. Im almost dont with a final version so expect one soon!

New mix pretty lights JUST uploaded, madddd chill vibes all through.

Now this one isnt exactly brand new, came out mid 2011 but i just found it, and OMG this is sso amazing. One of my new favorites, really chill ambient vibes on dis.

And finally here is the FREE VIBE TOWN RECORDS EP!! 4 dubstep songs from a few of us, download, and share. Help support <3

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