Sunday, November 27, 2011

OK WHO IS READY TO JUMP??! FUCK ME THIS SONG IS AMAZING!! Chuckie desrtoyed this shit, im completely obsessed with this song. This shit will blow your face off at any club or where ever youre at. BIG UPS!!! Bump this shit LOUD.

ADHD - Give Me That - Out now on Beatport !!!! by FREAKSTEP
This is a song from from a dude on a label that I'm on. This dude brings up some crazy ass vibes in dubstep, like its soo out there but so fuckin dope. Check this shit and buy his new EP on Beatport!

Shine (from the EP "Orphan alien pt1") by VibeSquaD
Fuck I love this dudes music. I just discovered him yesterday and hes already one if my favorite artists. Hes like pretty lights jammin vibes meets some swaggy ass dubstep. Check this dude out!! Download this song for free and support this fool by buying his tunes!

Genetix - From The Mist (forthcoming resonance audio) by Genetix Dubstep
This is only a clip but DAMN! Cant wait for this release, Genetix is on their filth grind right now. This shit is unreal!

Conscious Pilot - 1995 (Forthcoming Dubline Records) by conscious pilot dubstep
I've been following this dude for a while now, and im more than pumped for his shit to be released soon! Check this its off his upcoming Gangsta Shit LP, SUPPORT THIS SHIT! Buy the LP when its out you will not be disappointing. IT WILL BE OUT ON DUBLINE RECORDS TOMORROW SO PICK IT UP!

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